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Metal & Material Info

Understanding Our Bands and Inlays

Not all bands are created equal even if all bands at Grey Forge Bands are created equally high quality. The subtle differences of the material and Inlays manifest themselves in different ways, and we’ve summed it all up for you below to aid your purchase decision.

The Case for Tungsten

Tungsten bands tend to be great value for money, and they are bands that are truly built to last.

One of the ways this manifests, is in that tungsten bands are extremely scratch resistant and can survive everyday usage quite literally without a scratch. Furthermore, tungsten bands are extremely strong in general, and thanks to the material’s innate strength, there is no risk of breakage even under pressure that is higher than one which would be experienced in a typical usage scenario. And as a cherry on the cake, the weighted feel of tungsten bands feels comparable to that of bands made of more precious metals like gold and platinum for a truly premium and high quality feeling.

That said, due to their toughness tungsten bands cannot be resized should you want a more personalized size, and they can’t be cut away with everyday tools either (they can, however, be broken off with pliers in case of emergencies). This strength is born out of trace amounts of nickel in the alloy mixes of tungsten bands, and so they can provoke allergic reactions in case of individuals sensitive to nickel or other similar metals.

And since tungsten bands are thin constructs of a metal that is fundamentally brittle even as it is incredibly strong, the bands can chip if dropped on hard floors such as one made of tiles, so some caution is to be exercised while taking off or putting on the bands.

Going for Gold

Gold bands have a classic and timeless look that goes well with every outfit and every occasion. 

Since our solid gold bands are made out of precious and incredibly coveted metal, these bands hold their value for years and can become a valuable heirloom to be passed down the generations. Furthermore, should the person the band is passed down to need it resized per their fingers, the soft nature of the metal lends itself to easy resizing by any jeweler! 

Although, yes, some caution is to be exercised when a solid gold band is wrapped around your fingers for due to the soft nature of the metal, solid gold bands can scratch easily if not careful and even bend out of shape over a long enough period of time.

At the same time, more caution is advised when it comes to certain surroundings as well since solid gold bands can react when exposed to harsher chemicals and require extensive care afterwards. This is a result of gold alloys consisting of metals such as nickel, which brings the added disclaimer that these bands are not unconditionally hypoallergenic either.

Gold Plating and the Best of Both Worlds

Gold plated bands combine the lustrous nature of solid gold bands and the toughness of a tungsten or titanium band to create a durable yet high value hybrid.

Since the base metal of the band is either tungsten or titanium, the band is far less likely to be bent out of shape than a solid gold band even after prolonged use over the years. Despite this, the band does not sacrifice on the weighted feel of the solid gold band since the metal being plated is carefully selected to mimic the weight and feel of solid gold. Neither do the gold plated bands sacrifice on the same outer luster and minimalistic allure as solid gold bands! And since they’re not made entirely out of the metal, they tend to considerably less expensive while still providing most of their appealing qualities.

At the same time, it is to be noted that gold plated bands must also be handled with some of the same care as a solid gold band, primarily since the outer surface of gold plated bands is as liable to scratch if not careful. The outer surface of the bands is also just as likely to react to chemicals as that of a solid gold band because of the mix of metals in the alloy, and since these bands are merely plated in gold instead of being made out of it, they don’t quite hold their value the way solid gold bands do.

Titanium Bands Make for Tough Choices

Titanium is one of the toughest and most durable metals out there, and so it is but natural that titanium bands are some of the most tough and durable bands out there. The light weight is just the cherry on the cake.

The most prominent quality of titanium bands tends to be their corrosion resistant nature which makes them better at absorbing tarnishes than most other bands made of other materials. And since medical grade titanium is used in their construction titanium bands also tend to be highly hypoallergenic. Titanium bands are similarly more lightweight than bands made of other materials, and yet they are strong enough to ensure they don’t get bent out of shape or break under pressure, or even conduct heat or electricity like bands made of other metals do.

But just as with tungsten, due to the toughness of the metal, titanium bands cannot be resized, so you get what you get. Similarly, titanium bands are incredibly difficult to cut through, although standard emergency tools do prove effective should a pertinent need arise. This toughness does have its benefits and while titanium bands absorb tarnishes better than most bands, they do tend to show some scratches and aren’t fully resistant so reasonable caution is to be exercised during usage.

Silicone Bands for the Active

The highly stretchable and snugly comfortable silicone bands are perfect for high activity situations where the freedom awarded by the flexibility comes in handy.

One of the biggest benefits of silicone bands is that due to them being extremely stretchable, they can often stretch up to half an entire size up, while the snug fitting ensures the bands remain comfortable under all circumstances. Adding to their comfort is the fact that silicone bands are hypoallergenic as well as heat and electricity resistant, which makes them a suitable fit for individuals in all kinds of professions.

Of course, it must be noted that the snug nature of silicone bands makes them more likely to trap sweat and water under the surface and thus it is strongly recommended they be taken off at night to avoid irritating the skin in the medium to long run. It must also be noted that while highly stretchable, silicone bands can snap if undue pressure is applied through repeated pulling while taking them off or putting them on. Similarly, owing to the material they are made out of, silicone bands are not resistant to chemicals and can lose their finish if exposed to harsh chemicals.

Wood Bands for a Unique Finish

Wood bands combine some of the best elements of all bands and marry those all together with a unique and distinguished finish that stands out through its quietly striking look.

The most impressive thing about the wood bands is that their light weight despite the density makes for a pleasant and comfortable fit, and without compromising on the band’s strength - wood bands don’t crack under ordinary circumstances and can also be easily cut away in case of emergencies. On that note, wood bands have the ability to be resized to a limited extent which makes for more customizable fits. And as with any item made out of wood, the surface of wood bands can be re-finished to ensure your band looks pristine all the time.

Some care must be exercised in case of wood bands too, and as a general rule they should not be submerged in water under any condition, although light splashes such as those while washing hands etc. are usually fine. Similarly, while sanitizing your hands it is to be noted that the alcohol in hand sanitizers can break down the finish of the bands over time especially with frequent usage, and as such might require upkeep in the form of re-polishing more than other bands. Similarly, it is recommended that wood bands not be worn during physically intensive activities as they might cause chipping of the band due to wood’s innate nature.

Deer Antler Inlays for Something Truly Exotic

Deer antler is as exotic as exotic materials get, and bands with these inlays make for a truly individual style statement that is as precious as it is alluring. 

With their exquisite texture and featuring some incredibly arresting designs, the inlays instantly elevate whatever band they adorn, adding yet another feather in their cap.

Bands with deer antler inlays do require a bit more caution to preserve their finish and not cause any chipping, but they are worth the effort.